Does your bank protect animal welfare?

Banks provide loans and make investments;
we monitor if they may be financing animal cruelty;
you decide where to keep your money

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Is your bank funding animal cruelty with your money?

Have you ever considered that your money may be being used to finance some of the cruelest forms of animal exploitation? This happens with the money you keep in the bank, even without you knowing. They use the money from clients like you to offer credits to a myriad of businesses.

If your bank doesn’t have a strong policy against shady practices such as animal testing and mutilations of animals in factory farms, they might actually be financing these activities! It is your right to know which banks have the best (and worst) policies in regard to animal welfare.

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How can you help?

Financial institution support

Banks and financial institutions  support

Banks and other financial institutions should adopt strong policies and due diligence procedures to guarantee that the companies they finance uphold high animal welfare standards.

Banks and other financial institutions should also actively promote a transition to more sustainable plant-based food systems.

Financial institution support

Individual support

Pick a bank and see how it scores on animal welfare criteria. If your bank doesn’t rank well, you can find a more animal-friendly one and move your account. Do remember to tell both banks why you are switching!

Speak up! Our website allows you to send each bank a message encouraging them to improve their policies. Aside from that, you can also share the bank’s scores on social media to make your friends aware of where it stands.