Sinergia Animal has been rated as one of the most effective animal protection NGO’s in the World

Donate to help cut the flow of investments to the worst forms of animal cruelty

Your support is crucial for us to keep holding the financial sector accountable for the funding they provide to companies involved in animal cruelty. We will push them to improve their policies and to drop clients that don’t respect animal welfare standards. Your donation can significantly improve the lives of millions of animals.

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Worldwide Recognition

2023 is the sixth year in a row Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) recognized Sinergia Animal as one of the most effective animal protection NGOs in the world. It all started in 2018 with little more than a year of work. In each of the following years we kept this recognition and in 2023, we have once again been recommended. The classification indicates that our work and campaigns can potentially affect large numbers of animals.

With your support we are also...

Phasing out Cages

Since our inception, we achieved over 70 commitments from major food companies, such as Nestlé, Subway, and Carrefour, to phase out the worst forms of animal confinement.

Changing Behavior

We provide free advice (with support) from specialized dietitians on how to adopt healthy vegan diets. More than 99,000 people have subscribed to our plant-based challenge so far.

Exposing Cruelty

We have published 12 investigations to date. Some have hit the mainstream media and exposed the suffering of farmed animals to millions of people.

Building Policies

Our work with educational institutions for the implementation of at least one plant-based day per week in Colombia already has 9 commitments and the potential to serve 1.1 million meals each year. We have recently expanded this program to Argentina, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Boosting Movements

We are working with more than 20,000 activists and we provide training and assistance to partner NGOs.